General History/Miscellaneous Books

A Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King – The latest offering from a pre-eminent historian.   
The Story of the Treaty – Claudia Orange’s book which takes a fresh look at the treaty’s origin’s, history and meaning. (2nd edition)
Making Peoples – a history of the New Zealanders, from the Polynesian settlement to the end of the 19th century by James Bellich.  It confronts historical myths and challenges to interpret our past.
Pakeha Maori – The extraordinary story of the Europeans who lived as Maori in early New Zealand. Trevor Bentley.
Captured by Maori – white female captives, sex and racism on the 19th century New Zealand frontier.  It includes Betsy Boughton captured in Whangaroa.
New Zealanders at War – edited by Gavin McLean, Ian McGibbon and Kynan Gentry
New Zealand in the Twentieth Century by Paul Moon – A fascinating and vibrant history of the NZ experience in the twentieth century
The Meeting Place – Maori and Pakeha encounters, 1642-1840 by Vincent O’Malley
People, People, People – A brief history of New Zealand – “New Zealand in the year 1200 was a land of trees and birds – and no people. The two main islands were covered nearly entirely in deep, dark, cool forest. New Zealand was entirely unknown to any people anywhere in the world.”
A Short History of New Zealand – Succinct, lively, well referenced and completely up to date”
Te Wiremu – Henry Williams – Early Years in the North. Edited by Caroline Fitzgerald from his letters and journals 1823-1840. A personal account of living in NZ during this fascinating time in history.
The Quest for Origins – (revised 2008 ed) – Prof. K R Howe’s examination of the discovery, exploration and settlement of NZ and the Pacific.
An Unsettled History – Treaty claims in New Zealand today by Alan Ward. An analysis of the claim process that seeks to deal with historic breaches of the treaty.
The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict. James Belich revisits a turbulent period in our history.  $45
Guns and Utu – A short history of the Musket Wars by Matthew Wright
The Legacy of Guilt – A life of Thomas Kendall by Judieth Binney
Battlefields of the New Zealand Wars: A Visitors Guide David Green takes the reader on a guided tour, both by car and on foot, through the often ignored history that surrounds us. Heavily illustrated
Charles Darwin Voyage of the Beagle – a reprint of Charles Darwin’s journal in shortened form.
Early Auckland Births & Deaths compiled by Shirley Kendall.  A CD with 4000 records arranged alphabetically.