Bay of Islands Books

The Bay of Islands by Jack Lee, a popular history book of the area where New Zealand as a nation was born.
(Now out of print – secondhand copy may be available) (Please enquire)
Bay of Islands Shipping Arrivals and Departures – 1803-1840  Rhys Richards & Jocelyn Chisholm’s record of the ships that arrived in the Bay of Islands.
Opua – Port of the Bay of Islands – Jack Lee’s history of Opua.
Tales of Yesteryear – Oral histories of Northland by Madge Malcolm.
Te Kerikeri 1770-1850: The Meeting Pool – edited by Judith Binney.
Where Maori and European first met in the early nineteenth century.
The Founding Family of a new bicultural nation – A social history of the descendants of Captain Thomas Hansen.
Two Hansen Family Histories by Kath Hansen
Dear Mr Hansen, Creating a Family Tree for the First Family
The Life and Times of Captain Thomas Hansen 1762 – 1837
Foote Prints Among the Kauri – The lives and times of  7 brothers and 6 sisters and the Kauri timber industry around them by Bill Haigh.
Where it all Began- The story of Whangaruru taking in from Mimiwhangata to Whangamumu by Madge Malcolm
(Now out of print – secondhand copy may be available) (Please inquire)
The Years Before Waitangi by Patricia Bawden – a story of early Maori / European contact in New Zealand.
Protecting Paradise in Paihia – Fiona Craig’s story of Williams House and Garden
Kerikeri “Heritage of Dreams” by Nancy Pickmere – A history of Kerikeri, old and new.