Te Whare Taonga o Kororareka

Dianne Davey – Administrator

Dianne has been employed as the Secretary of the Russell Centennial Trust Board and
the Administrator for the Russell Museum since 1990.

Dianne’s skills as administrator have significantly assisted the Russell Museum at the time it started to expand. She has found it a challenge applying for grants from various organisations for the necessary
funds for the ongoing projects. She also enjoys the challenge of developing the museum shop and trying
to find different, unusual souvenirs and gifts that will appeal to the museum visitors. Dianne has helped
with the publication of several of the books produced by the Russell Museum and is currently learning new skills on website design and layout.

Dianne and her husband, Ross, came to Russell on holiday and stayed.  They have lived in Russell since the 1970s and they call it home.  Their two sons, Nat and Adam, are involved in the Commercial Fishing Industry and Dianne is the administrator for their business also.

She has been involved in numerous community organisations and in her spare time she loves playing outdoor bowls and has been a representative player for the Far North Bowling Centre.